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Choosing your paper

This is a coated paper that has a satin finish with a slight sheen. It makes printed colours appear bright and well defined. Suitable for items which contain text and pictures, a silk finish is always good for readability and is our most popular choice.

Unlike silk, this paper does not have a coating, giving it a soft finish. The ink sinks into the paper, giving colour a more understated appearance. An uncoated paper stock is great for stationery or postcards, as it is easy to write on and has a prestigious look and feel.

What is gsm?
GSM is an acronym standing for (Grams per Square Metre). Quite simply, the higher the GSM number, the heavier the paper.

This paper is ideal for printed letterheads and business stationery.

This paper weight is our most popular. At 130gsm you no longer get show through where you see print from the other side of the page. This range is ideal for flyers, booklets, posters, and folded leaflets.

This paper is thick and has a more premium feel. It’s perfect for applications like postcards and business cards and makes for premium flyers and leaflets.

Paper sizes

A list of the common finished sizes we provide are here:

A3 – 297 x 420mm
A4 – 210 x 297mm
A5 – 148 x 210mm
A6 – 105 x 148mm
A7 – 74 x 105mm
DL – 99 x 210mm



Where a job is folded, the following terms can be requested:

Half fold
The single fold (or half fold) is probably the most simple folding option available. The paper is folded once along the middle, creating 4 printed panels. Also known as 4pp.

Roll fold
The letter fold (or roll fold) is the ideal choice for displaying a large amount of information in an organised manner. The paper is folded twice to produce 3 sections and 6 printed panels. Also know as 6pp roll fold.

The z-fold (or concertina fold) is the perfect way to split up information into sections in a folded leaflet. The paper is folded twice so that it resembles a z-shape, producing 3 sections and 6 printed panels. Also known as a 6pp z-fold.